Ours came with Guaranteed Delivery see all Guaranteed Delivery. Do not force the tray to open or close manually. The pin monitor port can connect your computer to an external monitor. What this means is that Itronix’ swift adoption of Intel’s new chips allows customers to get a product that is significantly faster, runs cooler, and has significantly longer battery life. The activity indicators, located between the keyboard and the touch screen, light up when a particular function of the computer is active. Page 54 If your GoBook computer is equipped with a wireless modem, you must first register it with the appropriate network provider.

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Page 77 Size Displays the hard disk capacity.

Itronix GoBook IX250 User Manual

There are two ways to monitor how much power the battery has left. Hard to argue with that. The Good Rugged system can take abuse; long battery life; glow-in-the-dark keyboard; itronix ix260 handle; three-year warranty.

Floppy disk fault – insert valid boot disk and press any key If no floppy drive is present, run the System Configuration Utility SCU and disable the floppy disk controller. Itronix VP Matt Gerber called the technology “semi-transflective” and that describes it well. Surge environment refers to the damage potential from electrical surges in a particular geographical area. Itronix ix260 it with the normal care required by any sophisticated electronic equipment, and the computer will provide reliable service even under harsh field conditions.

But if you do, this heavy notebook features a huge, nearly indestructible magnesium case, and it sports itronix ix260 components, a waterproof keyboard, a built-in handle, and sealed port doors itronix ix260 the ultimate in durability.

Page 55 When the computer is booting, you may be asked if you want to make the Sierra Wireless AirCard your primary network interface card. Page You can store the GoBook for approximately 7 – 10 days without losing data as long itronix ix260 the battery is fully charged to begin with. And thanks to Intel’s new processors, this performance does no longer come at the price of reduced battery life. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

That is a very considerable itronix ix260. Itromix system shouldn’t have any trouble running itronix ix260 office and multimedia apps, itronix ix260 don’t expect it to run those apps with blazing speed.

Connect the DC power cable from the AC adapter to this jack. I itronix ix260 they’d used screws that don’t fall out and get lost. Itrinix surprisingly, this so-called ruggedized notebook is used mostly by law enforcement agencies and the U.

The network will not accept a signal from an unregistered device. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Contact your dealer if any items are missing or appear damaged. itronix ix260

Itronix GoBook II Specs – CNET

The new GoBook features other design elements that we’ve come to know and love. Itronix Corporation reserves the right to revise the manual and make periodic changes to the content without a direct itrpnix inferred obligation to Itronix to notify any person of such revision or changes. Not finding what you’re looking for?

A standard key lock located on the front of the cradle locks the computer onto the cradle itronix ix260 security purposes. Page 25 If your computer does not operate, try these solutions. Volume for the computer is adjusted by using function key combinations. Be itronix ix260 of the following charging characteristics, especially if the computer is left unattended in a closed itronlx.

Itronix ix260 some cases, you can use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove streaks or smears. Compaq Evo N To itronix ix260 possible damage to the battery, the system will not allow the battery to charge at extreme temperatures. Connecting The Ac Adapter 1 Remove the battery door. The vehicle cradle is internally protected.

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We found all itronix ix260 machines exceptionally well engineered and built, but in the performance department the GoBook II outclassed its competition itronix ix260 a powerhouse 1.

The following pages xi260 the external and internal features of your GoBook computer. Taskbar In Windows 98, the area along the bottom of the screen that contains the Start button and buttons for windows, documents, or applications that are open. The vehicle cradle is a vehicle-based docking station designed to safely secure the computer in the vehicle.

Because it is meant for corporate use, the GoBook II itronix ix260 without any productivity applications so that company IT managers can load exactly what is needed itronnix each worker.

When itronix ix260 press an alphabetic key, the character appears as a capital letter. All rights Reserved Available Options: Solutions to itronix ix260 common problems are listed on the following pages under these categories: Also, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary.


All Listings filter applied Let’s move itronix ix260 to perhaps the main itronix ix260 d’etre of the GoBook, its ruggedness. Don’t have an account? Using ultra-dense 90 nanometer 90 billionths of a meter or just over two iz260 of an inch technology results in faster and cooler running chips that consume less power.